Daily fee for 1 booking

£20 / Daily Booking + 12.5% - 16.5% PEOple PAYE charge

No additional administration

No additional fees

24/7 access to bookings

Full support during school hours from 6:00 am to 17:00 pm GMT


Our agency alternative platform provides fully vetted supply teachers and teaching assistants at a significantly lower cost.

In this short demo video, our co-director Artemis explains how the Supplied Teacher platform is different from traditional agencies.

As an alternative agency platform, we also do not use umbrella companies and instead use a professional employment organization to process payment.

This means that schools pay a percentage of the teacher’s full pay on top of the supply teacher's pay to cover for teacher employer costs.

Our partner PEOple PAYE, a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO for short) will take a charge for payment.

PEO benefit from not being an umbrella company by removing unfair charges like employer's national insurance, employer pension deductions or employer statutory rights costs.

A total breakdown of charges taken by PEO compared to a traditional umbrella company can be viewed here.

Teachers are paid more and schools still get to save between 15 - 20 % more than with traditional agencies.

All our teacher's gross pay is uplifted by the following percentages to compensate for charges taken by PEO.


Employment Cost Bands
  • Weekly Gross
  • £0.00 To £400.00
  • £400.01 To £700.00
  • £700.01 To £1000.00
  • £1000.01 To £1700.00
  • £1700.01 To £4000.00
  • £4000.01 Plus
  • Employment Costs
  • 12.50%
  • 14.00%
  • 15.00%
  • 15.50%
  • 16.00%
  • 16.50%